Emma代辦遊學心得: 美國遊學舊金山 波士頓 芝加哥 聖地牙哥,學英文不限教室內,利用假期旅遊交朋友是學英文最棒方式 by Ruby [語言學校Stafford House]-第一篇

這一篇是Ruby用英文幫學校Stafford house在官網寫的分享:

上班族女生美國遊學去,旅遊和交朋友是學英文最棒的方式 by Ruby [語言學校Stafford House]-第二篇
之前Emma和Ruby接洽了很久,因為工作升遷的關係,Ruby大概幾乎隔了一年才報名語言學校Stafford House,後來決定去念書一共九個月的時間,Ruby跑遍了Stafford House四個校區: 舊金山, 波士頓, 芝加哥, 聖地牙哥,還到處去了很多地方玩耍,比Emma待美國三年去的地方還多啊~~~~英文能力也增進了不少!!! 會玩又會唸書,Emma覺得Ruby真的是所有學生該學習的對象啊~~~

 Thank you to Ruby from Stafford House Chicago for sharing your experience with us for our blog.

Hi, I’m Ruby from Taiwan. It’s hard to take the first step to leave your country to a place where is completely different from yours and live there by yourself, but I did it! I still can’t believe that I’ve lived in three wonderful cities in America within a year, which are San Francisco, Boston, and Chicago, and now I’m so excited about going to the next destination, San Diego.

Actually, this is my first time going abroad. I’ve always wanted to go to America since I was a child. After working for almost three years, I saved and spent all of my money to go to America, to chase my dream.

I still remember how scared and nervous I was in the airplane alone to America. In the beginning, the way I spoke English was without confidence since it was my first time trying to speak a different language to foreigners. However, these negative feelings were easy come, easy go, just like jet lag. What made me more impressed was how amazing the cities were, and still are. I was attracted by everything in the city, like buildings, scenery, and people. Even something that is mundane to locals that made me amazed because everything was so new to me. Besides, each city has its own beauty, history and culture that you have to experience by yourself to find it out. That’s why I am here, exploring as much as I can in America because you don’t know when will be your next time visiting here again.

Due to the fact that Stafford House has four locations in America, I have a chance to explore the West Coast including LA and Las Vegas when I was in San Francisco, also the East Coast including New York, Washington, and Philadelphia when I was in Boston, now I’m in Chicago and planning to go to San Diego as my final stop. I feel so lucky and grateful that I have the opportunity to go to so many places in America while learning English. It’s the biggest benefit that you can travel and speak English in daily life at the same time. Most of all, I made a lot of friends from all over the world. They played a fundamental role in my journey, and became part of my life. We made invaluable memories together, even if we are separated, we still keep in touch and care about each other.

Now I can say, I’m confident to speak English no matter what kind of situation I’m in. Because of these experiences, I realized how capable I am of much more things that I used to think they’re impossible to do it. The entire journey in America is like an incredible adventure and it’s absolutely worth it. I know myself better than before. What’s more, I’m not afraid anymore.


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